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a life transformation coach

Helping High Achievers Overcome a Lack of Fulfillment in Their Life

I help high achieving finance leaders who struggle with the depth of people skills, feel like an impostor, unsure of how to deal with loneliness at the top, secretly hate the long hours at work, and wonder why life is not meaningful, fulfilling or happy.
By working with me and following my unique ‘3E – Explore, Emerge, Evolve’ programme, you will discover who you are, what gives you meaning, acquire people skills, become more energetic and break the negativity and self-doubt to lead a happier, energetic and more fulfilling life. (3) Replace what currently exists on the right of the photo.

Re-inventing You from the Inside Out

Navigate A Better Life

You are unhappy with your life, which feels unfulfilled despite everything you have achieved. Discover what is holding you back, recognise your uniqueness, and identify the pillars of life that need to be balanced in order to achieve the life you desire.

Self-Awareness To Mastery

An anxious mind hinders your progress. In order to unleash your full potential you must understand how energy, emotions, values, and strengths impact us. Apply your learnings to gain clarity about your triggers and patterns. Discover how to shape your actions to bring out your best, even at your worst.

“What’s Next?” - Decoded

You are conflicted between personal and professional desires and unsure what to do next. Understand your changing priorities, identify what matters most to create strategies that launch you on a new path. Broaden your vision and evaluate new possibilities to design an aspirational future and rediscover purpose & fulfillment in life.

From Human Doing
To Human Being

I am a finance man by profession and a coach by passion. I climbed the corporate ladder to become a CFO. I ‘had it all’ and yet, life felt unfulfilled. The idea of a larger company, a higher salary, a bigger title was not all that appealing. I knew something had to change, but what…? How…?

So, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I read books, did programs, talked to many people, and took on a variety of coaches. After many years of highs and lows, excitement and despondency, I have learnt and experienced a better way to live.

Life is full of paradoxes. We are called high achievers because of what we have accomplished, but in our heart life feels incomplete. We continuously upgrade our phones and laptops but neglect to upgrade the software of the grey matter that runs our life. Our lives are spent being busy as a bee, but decades pass by in the blink of an eye.

Formal education and apprenticeships equip us to earn our living, but no one shows us how to live with happiness and fulfillment.

I have become a professional certified coach, to pursue my passion of helping high achievers desiring fulfillment in life to leverage off my experience and “achieve” in months what took me years.

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My Programme

My 3E Model Explore, Emerge, Evolve Is Delivered over Eight Weeks and Includes Exclusive Coaching Sessions and a Workbook to Deepen Your Learning. You Will Walk Away with Skills and Techniques That Can Be Used Again and Again, as Needed


Sessions with Sandeep helped me to take a honest look at my life. He patiently handled all my questions and provoked food for thoughts and new perspectives and also how to handle the old one .He is doing an excellent service with his self awareness program .Thank you Sandeep !!

Navita Agarwal
CPA | FP&A | Management Reporting | Advance Excel

Sandeep’s personal passion for mentoring and coaching was evident within my first appointment with him. He continues to provide a safe environment to challenge me to “discover my why” to clearly and independently define, pursue and evaluate my own goals to the same standard I expect for my client businesses. Sandeep’s advice is rarely direct, he has a strategic ability to indirectly and subtly chart the course for a conversation – an art seldom executed quite as proficiently

Cameron Mountford
Chief Financial Officer ✦ CFO ✦ CPA ✦ Finance Director

Sandeep is an excellent coach who has a penchant for driving resilience within and outside the organizational context. Apart from being an expert in Finance, he brings years of practical knowledge around personal development, which is extremely relevant in driving organizational excellence, productivity, and employee engagement. His sessions offer interesting perspectives on personal and professional development with a clear focus on building resilience. I’d wholeheartedly recommend him to any organization that’s keen on developing their employees. All the best Sandeep!

Anand B Devan
I help companies innovate, solve problems, develop solutions, and scale faster

I have been receiving coaching from Sandeep and the experience has been amazing. What I have found is that he creates a safe space for me to talk, explain and share and then asks probing questions to make me think, look at things differently and take action.
Sandeep has immense experience in his field and is hugely knowledgable in the way he supports his clients. I would like to thank Sandeep for the insights he has helped me to find and the positive way the coaching experience has impacted me. I recommend others reaching out to Sandeep for coaching.

Monica Mahi Mathijs
Transforming organisations, leaders and employees through Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate Leadership

What made me comfortable while being coached by Sandeep was the patience & presence with which he listens to you objectively. His demeanor makes you feel that he is completely there with you in your issue. This comfort and confidence supported me to explore the topics at hand from multiple angles and arrive at solid actionables. The practical actionables that he supported me to arrive at, set a good pace for me to progress ahead in my endeavors. Sandeep is a thorough professional coach with a friendly attitude. I am glad to have got connected with him!

Shreshtha Mittal, ACC (ICF)
Leadership Coach @ PwC Acceleration Centres in India🔹Wellbeing Champion🔹 Breast Cancer Thriver

I am glad that I approached Sandeep for coaching. There are many things that I have learnt from the coaching session and one of them is overcoming fear of failure. I certainly feel there are some changes in me after the mentoring sessions. With his coaching, I learnt to be more confident and never to overthink about something that I can’t control. From his coaching sessions, I learnt how to convert ideas into goals and how to redefine my goals. The main difference I have noticed between other coaches and Sandeep is he will keep tabs on you, on how well you are progressing. If you need someone to be your mentor, I would highly recommend Sandeep. Thank you so much, Sandeep for the support you have given to me.

Puranee Selvakumar
Financial Analyst

Sandeep has the power to see your potential and make you believe in yourself. In the process he’ll help you discover the real you and will help you find the things that really matter to you.
He is a beautiful human being who radiates positivity!
Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me. I’ll carry the learnings that I have received from you for the rest of my life!Sandeep has the power to see your potential and make you believe in yourself. In the process he’ll help you discover the real you and will help you find the things that really matter to you. He is a beautiful human being who radiates positivity! Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me. I’ll carry the learnings that I have received from you for the rest of my life!

Richa Patel
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Re-inventing YOU from the inside out

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